Safety management and quality control are becoming increasingly important for yacht owners and Captains in these ever more litigious times. Should your vessel be involved in an accident or pollution incident, you may well need to prove that the vessel was being run in a professional manner that aimed to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew and avoid damage to the environment. If your vessel has sunk or has suffered extensive fire damage, records stored on board may be unrecoverable: you may struggle to come up with documentation to prove that the vessel was run safely, that safety equipment was being maintained and that regular drills had been carried out.


While the IMO’s International Safety Management Code (ISM code) is compulsory for vessels over 500gt, many flag authorities, including the Red Ensign group (UK, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Isle of Man) and Australia, now require commercial vessels under 500gt to have a Safety Management System in place. These are known in the industry as mini ISM systems.

Waddilove Yachts will work with your Captain and crew to develop an easy to use mini ISM Safety Management System (SMS) with procedures and measures in place to avoid risks to guests, crew, the vessel and the environmnet. The system, if adhered to, will make your yacht a safer place for all onboard and provide an auditable record to demonstrate that your vessel is operated in a safe and professional manner.

  • Initial set up of Safety Management System documentation, including emergency and everyday procedures, in conjunction with Captain and crew
  • Revision of documents as necessary
  • Receiving and storing monthly reports and other reports to make sure a complete set of ‘off the boat’ electronic or paper records is maintained
  • Working with the Captain to ensure that reports are regularly completed
  • Acting as Designated Person Ashore (DPA) in the event or accident or incident
  • Assistance with flag authority audits where necessary
  • For yachts that already have a safety management system in place but no one to manage and monitor it, we will act as DPA and help develop, refine and manage the system. 
    Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your mini ISM requirements